"Ready for Duty"
WWII Submarine Hunter
Minimum of seven passengers per flight.
You can rent the whole plane for $1000.00

Keep ’em flying.

VULTEE BT-15 “Valiant”

"Little Noodle"
Two seat WWII trainer where you will fly in the rear seat.
You can have the canopy open if you want!

Keep’em flying.

STINSON L-5 “Sentinel”

"Miss Ziggy"
Two seat WWII observation craft. You can have the
windows open and see the countryside up close.

Keep ’em flying.

PT-17 “Stearman”

Two seat WWII open cockpit trainer airplane.

 Come experience the thrill of an open cockpit. Let it take you back in time

Keep ’em flying.

Col.Jim Breitenstine

Tel. 817-294-2936

Col.Russ Coonley

Tel. 940-577-1790

Col. Steve Bennett

Tel. 817-269-4081

For More Information or to schedule a ride or to purchase a airplane ride gift certificate please contact one of use

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