"Ready for Duty"
$200.00 per seat
WWII Submarine Hunter

Minimum of seven passengers per flight.
You can rent the whole plane for $1000.00

Keep ’em flying.

VULTEE BT-15 “Valiant”
"Little Noodle"
$200.00 per seat

Two seat WWII trainer where you will fly in the rear seat.
You can have the canopy open if you want!

Keep’em flying.

STINSON L-5 “Sentinel”
"Miss Ziggy"
$150.00 per seat
Two seat WWII observation craft. You can have the
windows open and see the countryside up close.

Keep ’em flying.

PT-17 “Stearman”
$200.00 per seat
Two seat WWII open cockpit trainer airplane.

 Come experience the thrill of an open cockpit. Let it take you back in time

Keep ’em flying.

Col.Jim Breitenstine

Tel. 817-294-2936

Col.Russ Coonley

Tel. 940-577-1790

Col. Steve Bennett

Tel. 817-269-4081

For More Information or to schedule a ride or to purchase a airplane ride gift certificate please contact one of use

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