“Ready For Duty”, the nickname of the DFW Wing’s R4D, was built in 1944 and saw wartime service as a German submarine hunter in the Navy VR-3 Squadron. It was one of a

group of R4Ds whose depth charges were actually

credited with sinking a nazi submarine.

Following the war it continued in the Navy

service doing experimental electronic surveillance testing and,in 1948, it served

in this capacity in the Berlin Air Lift. Subsequently, it was released to the U.S. Forest Service for fighting forest fires.

Since 1981 it has ben assigned to the DFW Wing of the CAF. In 1985 the R4D-6S was flown from Texas to Europe and was named “Best Example of Type” at the Holland Air Show. “Ready For Duty” has authentic exterior paint design, nose art and restored interior for paratroopers.

R4D-6S Depth Charges

Climb aboard this legendary R4D-6S Navy transport and get the opportunity to hear the rumble and roar of the radial engines. Enter the time machine and imagine yourself part of the flight crew over 60 years ago.

Experience history, sit where soldiers have sat and imagine what they were feeling.

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“Wedding Flight”

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